Why are braces needed?

The American Association of Orthodontists states that 75% of Americans suffer from some type of malocclusion. This is an irregular contact of teeth in the upper and lower jaws. Simply put, this means crooked or misaligned teeth.

How can braces help?

If you’re dealing with crooked or misaligned teeth, some of the benefits of braces are:

  • Realigned teeth can restore a beautiful smile.

  • Realigned teeth can aid a patient in proper chewing of his food.

  • Realigned teeth can provide protection for teeth from breaking or cracking.

  • Realigned teeth can help preserve the bone structure of the mouth.

  • Realigned teeth can help a patient conduct better oral hygiene. Bacteria find many hidden crevices for hiding when teeth are misaligned. The bacterium gains a foothold and decay sets in. It is much simpler to clean straight teeth.

What options are there?

Orthodontists primarily choose braces. They are very effective in straightening teeth. There are a few options to consider if you do need braces:

  • Traditional wire braces are the most commonly used appliance. This method makes use of wire and brackets to align crooked teeth.

  • Ceramic braces have been growing in popularity. While functioning in the same manner as wire braces, they are not made of metal. They can be custom-made in a color that matches your teeth. Some customers wear ceramic braces that are transparent and nearly invisible to casual observation.

  • Lingual braces work like traditional braces, but they cannot be seen because they are applied to the back of the teeth. They are not only aesthetically desirable, but they are also very practical for patients who may play a wind instrument or who may be involved in contact sports.



Dr. Dempsey and his staff look forward to helping you enjoy the benefits of straight teeth. Call us today to find out what options are available for you!