You play a major role in preventative care.

At Comprehensive Family Dentistry at Wexford Gardens, we’re passionate about restoring beautiful smiles to our patients. We also take great joy in helping patients learn great preventative care. This helps you avoid costly and painful restorative treatments. During your regularly scheduled checkups and exams, we look for the smallest issues to prevent them from becoming large ones. This also helps us preserve your natural teeth more effectively.

You also play a major role in preventative care. As a patient, you should carry out consistent, thorough oral hygiene. Regular flossing, brushing, and rinsing will greatly improve your oral health. In addition to practicing excellent oral hygiene, we encourage you to be committed to regular six-month checkups, exams, and cleanings. At times, patients will be tempted to skip appointments; however, by skipping an appointment you miss crucial opportunities to catch early signs of damage, decay, and gum disease. It is important to be checked for oral cancer twice per year. When diagnosed early, it is very treatable. In later stages, it can be deadly. Early detection of dental issues provides much better treatment options.

We are dedicated to providing competent and professional preventative care for you and your family. Our office is equipped with the best in dental technology and our staff continually hone their skills with the best in dental training. Our staff will treat you like family and give highly professional, exceptional care at a reasonable price.



Call us today to schedule your regular checkup. Don’t wait to get started on preventative care.