At Comprehensive Family Dentistry at Wexford Gardens, we’re passionate about your smile. We can help you learn great preventative care so you can avoid costly and painful restorative treatments. When you schedule checkups and exams, our doctors will make sure to check for the smallest dental issues to keep your teeth healthy and preserve your beautiful, natural smile.

As much as we’d like it to be as simple as regular dental checkups, you are the key to your own future dental health. You’re the best defense against developing dental problems and you should carry out consistent oral hygiene. With regular flossing, brushing, and rinsing you can make a huge positive impact on your own dental health.

Your dental appointments; however, are crucial opportunities to catch early signs of damage, decay, oral cancer and gum disease. If these issues are caught early, they can be treated effectively. If not, they can become more dangerous to your health and even life-threatening.

When you come to Comprehensive Family Dentistry, we will make sure you receive the best preventative oral care in a comfortable, friendly environment. Our patients are like family to us and we provide them with the best in family dentistry that Oklahoma City has to offer. Our doctors and staff are continually improving their skills to better serve you and your teeth! We will give you exceptional care at a reasonable price.

As well as standard preventative care such as regular cleaning, we offer a wide array of other dental services to restore and protect your smile. These services include:

Bridges to replace gaps in your teeth and restore your smile.

Fillings to prevent cavities from getting out of hand and requiring more drastic intervention.

Extractions to remove teeth that are beyond repair and a danger to your health.

Root canals to save teeth that are badly infected or decayed from further deterioration.

Call us today to schedule your regular checkup. Don’t wait to get started on preventative care