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Patient Testimonials

Sleep Apnea Patient

Dr. Dempsey is without a doubt the most proactive professional on my healthcare team! I appreciate his expertise and insight. He was the first doctor to notice signs of sleep apnea and the follow-up and service has been awesome! I'm sleeping much better and my appliance has really helped improve my sleep quality. The staff and dental care are always excellent. Thanks for setting the bar so high!

- PV (Patient)

TMJ Patient

About 1992, I was diagnosed with TMJ. I was advised by my dentist at that time that the only true resolution for the discomfort I had was surgery which included breaking my jaw. For some time prior to seeking out my dentist I had been treated by my family physician for a chronic ear infection (the pain was that significant). The dental surgery was not going to be an option. I couldn't have my jaw wired shut for several months and continue to work. The dental receptionist suggested I try a chiropractor which gave me some comfort to the point where I could function. Around 2005, I was disgnosed with Menieres Disease which is a vertigo/inner ear imbalance issue somewhat related to the issues I was having with my jaw. I sought out another dentist who supposedly was an expert on TMJ and created a splint that I wore for several years and it did help somewhat. Around 2011, I chose to leave that dentist for completely personal reasons and googled TMJ Dentists in OKC and found Dr. Dempsey...

Since then my life has changed significantly. He listened to my issues, he came up with a solid, workable game plan, had a  reasonable payment option and set out to make me better. I have always had issues with flying and carsickness. While I think that will always be part of who I am, I flew several times this year and was not sick at all. This was an amazing moment for me - never having enjoyed travel as much as I have this year! I rarely have the "ear ache-y" pain. I don't wake up with the tired jaw sensation from clenching/grinding my teeth as I have in the past. After dealing with these issues in some capacity for my entire life, for the first time ever my pain/illness doesn't rule my life. I cannot say enough about the treatment plan Dr. Dempsey created for me. Not only does he know what he is doing, he cares about it. He is genuinely invested in making me the best I can be through his treatment. His staff is also stellar. They have worked with me financially as well as juggling my challenging work schedule to make my appointments as undisruptive as possible. His assistants are just as caring as he. I have been so fortunate to stumble onto his practice. And I know moving forward, if I have any further issues he will be there to assist me in resolving them.

Thank you for everything!

- PM (Patient)

Orthodontics Patient

Kevin (brother in law) Chasity (niece) and I with our braces all courtesy of Dr. Dempsey and his amazing staff.

- July 2014

Jaw Surgery Patient

After seeking treatment recommendations for TMJ from three other medical professionals, all indicated I would have to have jaw surgery, I chose Dr. Dempsey. He and his staff corrected my skeletal jaw issues and re-straightened my teeth without costly and painful surgry. Thank you so much for the professional, skilled and courtesy treatment!

- LG (Patient)

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